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Aerating and Overseeding Your Lawn in Connecticut

lawn overseeding and aeration
Tick Buster Lawns of CT performing lawn overseeding and aeration in Waterbury CT

Aeration and fall seeding is needed to fix the wear and tear that summer season fun and traffic has inflicted on your yard. Tick Buster Lawns of CT recommends that early  to mid-fall is the very best time to revitalize your turf  for a lawn, you will be proud of when next spring rolls around.

In Connecticut, very late August through mid-October is the perfect time to seed a brand-new yard or, overseed an  existing one. The mix of warm days and cool nights combined with adequate moisture in the ground produces  the ideal growing conditions for new grass seed to quickly germinate.

In addition, those warm-loving aggressive weeds are slow to germinate at this time of year so the little turf seedlings can thrive and become securely rooted before "Old Man Winter" sets in.

7 Benefits of Aeration and Seeding Over Lawns

Aeration loosens soil, lowers compaction which permits grassroots to reach deep for water. Aerating your lawn penetrates the soil permitting water, air & food to reach the roots and be soaked up.

Turf aeration boosts seed germination. Seeds germinate quickly in the holes remaing from the aerator machine. Overseeding introduces new grass seed to cover any existing thin locations and thickens your existing root system. Overseeding your existing yard builds up resistance to insect damage and various turf diseases.

Aeration and overseeding deter weed growth that takes the advantage of weak locations in your lawn so, a thick and a deep-rooted lawn is the best defense against out-of-control weeds.

Aeration and overseeding both improve the aesthetics and  enjoyment of your newly overseeded lawn in Connecticut. We hope you have gained some valuable insight regarding  the process of overseeding and aerating your yard.

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