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Moderate winter seasons permit more ticks to survive and provide them early access to blood meals from food sources such as people and animals which are out in the rising temperature levels.

Do Ticks in Connecticut Ever Stay Dormant?

Contrary to popular belief, ticks do not really have an offseason. Even with snow on the ground, ticks can continue to be active in the chilly weather. Although less of a hazard from the chillier months, warm spells during the winter trigger some action.

So, are pesticides the only system to keep ticks and other non-beneficial bugs away from you along with your children and pets?

The brief answer is yes however all hope isn't lost.

This is an effective, natural choice to using pesticides. With appropriate and immediate use, it's actually turned out to be a dependable tool in handling the ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes, while leaving the valuable bugs such as butterflies and honey bees alone.

Keeping up the border of your house to remove leaf litter, brush or grassy weeds will improve your tick border. Setting up crushed stone across the residential or business property edge is another exceptional choice to create a warm dry barrier to keep them out.

This phase of the tick life procedure is when they're likely to pass illness combined to their host. A dependable method to take care of the mouse nest is by way of taking advantage of tick tubes. These tubes have loads of cotton balls soaked in permethrin.

Simply stick the tubes in rock walls, woodpiles and under decks and the mice will find them and take back the cotton to the nest to utilize bed linen and care for the nest. Notice that permethrin is a pesticide so if you're trying to find a 100% natural organic treatment program, this won't be your solution.